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Мы пришли, увидели и победили, а сейчас мы уйдем, перекусим и спать.(с) Тимон
Oh, I understand, that i must entertain myself, but devil ... Fantasies do not have enough..( I was drawing ... First time for a long time .. And now I have 3 picture and 3 sketch.
Two picture of all I like, but one not yet finished. I want do it one picture color, but not now - I'm tired. And also, today I thought, that would be cool if I could draw him... But I couldn't do it - I can not draw people. But, I drew me and he at my picture - because there all people are small. This confuses me...*(^_^)*
Ooo, and I cough....( It awful !.. It very-very awful!
Ow! Today, in my dream i saw Rupert Grint!I do not want to clog you frend-tape, because of it I hide ..)

Англичане берут в рот дюжину односложных слов, жуют их, глотают их, выплевывают, - и это называется английским языком.(с) Генрих Гейне
Не только Англия, но и каждый англичанин - остров.(с) Новалис
Англичанин уважает ваши мнения, но совершенно не интересуется вашими чувствами(с) Уилфрид Лориер


P.S. I don't know, that already 1:15 a.m.! It surprize me...O_o Now, I go read fanfic. So interesting fanfic, I say! Snarry.)) Night all!)
P.S.S. How many I wrote! I shocked. That's what it means to write all in the translator... O_o xDDD

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Мы пришли, увидели и победили, а сейчас мы уйдем, перекусим и спать.(с) Тимон
Мироздание сделало головокружительный кульбит, но на место так и не встало. Когда все это началось? не нааадо было на ссылочку ролевой жать..Хотя я не только о Джее.. Наверное это началось очень-очень давно, при рождение. Просто щас проявилось. Все вокруг ужасно не похожее на то что было допустим неделю назад. Не было бардака на столе, и в комнате, который я убираю третий день подряд, а захожу и все снова в хаосе. Не было ощущения суматохи. Не только твоей, но и окружающей. Кажется все куда-то спешат или что-то не успевают и делают из-за этого все неаккуратно. А так же не было никогда занятых абсолютно дней.. И кажется, что общение с Джеем прекратиться под предлогом второй смены.. Ненавижу школу. И ненавижу расстояние... И главное вроде у нас с сестрой похожие случаи, ан нет. Она общалась в живую с парнем, а я никогда. Ей больше везет, так как она еще сможет пообщаться, а я нет. Обидно.
Хочу что бы этот FLEХ быстрей прошел и все. Уже надоело волноваться и бояться. Уже ничего не хочется. =( Точнее нет, хочется, но это нереально. Вот.

По идее мне надо писать главу, а я никак не могу собраться и написать уже...=( Так как вокруг хаос и суматоха... Какой-то ужас.

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Мы пришли, увидели и победили, а сейчас мы уйдем, перекусим и спать.(с) Тимон
Today I again went to english school, but in that time with other classmate. I will not say how many errors she did, it's not important, but I and she can learn by English speaking teacher and girl which went with me yesterday can't. I know, it bad, but I happy. Because second girl realy give serious consideration to this.
Our English speaking teacher called David, he is from Canada! It is cool! I love Canada long time.

Also today I told with Jay!:heart: This made me unrealistically happy!!:squeeze: Because of this I have nice mood for all day. I love him... Why we live in different city??((( Because of this fact I almost by accident I made it:

And патриция хочет с пледом made one my foto:

It all for today. I go to teach my lessons)

P.S. I say you, that write in English not very difficult and even funny.)

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Мы пришли, увидели и победили, а сейчас мы уйдем, перекусим и спать.(с) Тимон
Today was so crazy day! I'm very tired, but i'm happy! And all why? Because of many thing. Firstly, because of I was on duty in a great company. I never thought that I ever I will say this about him. I never thought that I will call the Company Vitalik and "team" a good, but was fun. First lesson we only sat in the transition from the old building into a new, because nobody eats after the first lesson. Then we laying the table two or three lessons in a row. It was difficult because of the large number of students. And after that we rested for two hours.. It was so cool! And I made six videos with this two-hour break.О_о There were many moments with a slash!xD

Second good thing is the english competition FLEX which consists of two or three stages. First is the essay, about what I don't know, and it is so awful,I fear very much.. Because I know, that I can wrote essey in russian language well, but on english.. I confuse the order of words and don't know grammar as well as I'd like.. Also I do not know many words... That scares me very much and because of this I writing on english this post. And since that time I will write some post on english.
The second stages is the English conversation. At least I heared this. It stage I'm afraid less than previous stage.. I don't know why..Only said that I feel, no more.
And may be third stage, but I'm not sure, and I don't know what it will.
And I forget to say if I will pass through all three(or two) level for the next year I will go for the entire year to study in USA

And now about good: I realized that G-Dragon I like.xD He so funny, and he blond.=) It is main, I think.xDD And I ask give me some his songs.)))

Aw, also today I went to the English school and passed the test. Result are: 2-3 levels. It's mean I know english on middle or on Higher level. I was so happy when I learned it. xDD And from this moment I will go to this school to study English further. I dream about this for a long time.))

Now I think I finish my practice in english here. I end my first english post and I'm going to clean my teeth (tomorrow I again will go to Dentist). After, I go to bed... But first I will read my english book - Mark Tven "The Prince and the Pauper".
/*seems I crazy in English ..=_=*/

And someone tell me the error that you find ..
I will underlain my error that i can remember correct spelling

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